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Logic and Automata Theory

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ENS Lyon Course on Automata-Theoretic Model Checking

ER01 : vérification et certification du logiciel

Ecole Doctorale Grenoble

Ecole Doctorale Mathématiques, Sciences et Technologies de l'Information, Informatique

Slides for lectures on game theory (23/11/2010 and 30/11/2010)

SNSB Bucharest

Scoala Normala Superioara Bucharest (SNSB)

Outline of the first week (19/04/2010 - 24/04/2010) :

Outline of the second week (24/05/2010 - 29/05/2010) :

ED MSTII Grenoble 2018
ED MSTII Grenoble 2021