Guidelines for online participation

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Joining the lectures

The 2022 Logic and Automata Course will be hosted on the BigBlueButton room:

A password will be emailed to the registered participants shortly before the course starts.

I will open the room 15 minutes before the lecture. You can use this time slot to ask questions about previous lectures. Please start joining at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the lecture, since setting up the connecting might take a little while. For best results use Google Chrome or Firefox and clear navigation data from the browser’s caches prior to connecting. NB: problems have been encountered in the past with Safari.

Please insert your full name when asked. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection (such as the one in your office or at your faculty).

A short video on how to join a BigBlueButton session as a viewer is available here:

Interacting with the presenter

I encourage interaction during lectures. To ask a question, unmute yourself (see Audio/Video) and ask the question verbally. You may also type the question directly in the chat (although it might take a while before it gets noticed).


To reduce background noise, it is important to use headphones. You will be automatically muted upon joining the session. To ask a question you will have to unmute yourself by clicking on your name’s icon on the list to the left of your browser’s window. Please mute yourself back when done. Video is the greatest consumer of bandwidth and server resources (CPU, memory). If you are experiencing connectivity problems while using video, the first thing to do is stop sharing your camera. Further troubleshooting comprises logging out and back in the session.