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  • M. Echenim, R. Iosif, N. Peltier. Entailment is Undecidable for Symbolic Heap Separation Logic Formulae with Non-Established Inductive Rules hal-02951859
  • M. Echenim, R. Iosif, N. Peltier. Unifying Decidable Entailments in Separation Logic with Inductive
Definitions arXiv:2012.14361
  • M. Bozga, R. Iosif. Verifying Safety Properties of Inductively Defined Parameterized Systems. arXiv:2008.04160
  • M. Bozga, R. Iosif and J. Sifakis. Local Reasoning about Parametric and Reconfigurable Component-based Systems. arXiv:1908.11345
  • M. Bozga, R. Iosif and F. Konecny. The Complexity of Reachability Problems for Flat Counter Machines with Periodic Loops arXiv:1307.5321