Friends of Separation Logic

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Friends of Separation Logic (FOSL) is an informal working group on topics related to Separation Logic (SL), such as:

  • extensions of SL and relations with other logics (first order, modal, etc.)
  • applications of SL to domains other than shape analysis
  • decidability and complexity of various fragments

People currently involved:

  • Stephane Demri, Alessio Mansutti (LSV, ENS de Cachan)
  • Etienne Lozes (I3S, University of Nice)
  • Denis Lugiez (LIF, University of Marseille)
  • Didier Galmiche, Daniel Mery, Dominique Larchey-Wendling (LORIA, University of Nancy)
  • Mihaela Sighireanu (IRIF, University of Paris Diderot)
  • Radu Iosif, Marius Bozga (VERIMAG, University of Grenoble)
  • Nicolas Peltier, Mnacho Echenim (LIG, University of Grenoble)